Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda

All Nations Church & Chavda Ministries International

Quincy Good Star is a rare gift. His unique spiritual insight and commitment to scripture, combined with the anointing for healing and prophecy he embodies in humility and integrity make his person, preaching, and ministry, a treasure to be drawn upon by every person who desires freedom, wholeness, and personal encounter with Jesus Christ. He is a friend of God and servant to our generation

Lance Wallnau

Speaker, Author, CEO Lance Learning Group

I’ve met many ministers in my near 50 years of Christian life, but Quincy Good Star is one of the purest and noblest hearts I’ve encountered. Not surprisingly, he has wonderful insight into the Word of God and teaches it with the anointing. I’m honored to be his friend.

Brent Parker

Church At The Gate & See The Voice Ministries

I have never known anyone who can literally find Jesus’s grace on any page of the Bible, until I met Pastor Quincy Good Star. Want to unlock your Bible? Pastor Quincy’s revelatory teaching will hand you the key.

Joshua Mills

International Glory Ministries

I thank God for the ministry of Quincy Good Star. His preaching challenges us all to openly receive the flow of God's grace that has been made available to us through the finished work of Christ. Quincy's ministry is solid in the Word, and free in the Spirit! You will be tremendously blessed by the anointing and glory that rests on his life.

Ellson Bennett Wakiyan Ho’ Was’te’

Covenant of Faith

Quincy Good Star is a strong voice in the Body of Christ that desires for all to walk in the blessing way. He is a practical and powerful teacher of the Gospel of Grace, that brings healing and transformation.